Mats Isaksson

Mats Isaksson is Head of the Corporate Affairs division at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). His responsibilities include corporate governance, state-owned enterprises, equity markets, company law, privatization, dispute resolution and other policy areas of importance to a sound and dynamic business environment. Mats Isaksson participated in the development of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and was in charge of the comprehensive revision of the Principles in 2004. He also led the work to developthe OECD Guidelines for Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises and initiated the OECD’s work on The State in the Market Place. Mr. Isaksson has extensive experience from working with both OECD and Key Partner countries. Recently, his work has focused on corporate governance and the financial crisis and a new OECD initiative on Corporate Governance, Value Creation and Growth. The aim is to ensure that equity markets can serve the needs of the real economy and provide access to capital for innovations and growth companies. Mats Isaksson serves on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership at Columbia University and is Senior Visiting Fellow at the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law. He is a founding Director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Forum and a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute.