Selim Sühan Seçkin

After completing his high school education at Robert College, İstanbul (1976) and his graduate study at Boğaziçi University Department of Management (1982), Selim Sühan Seçkin started his career at IBM-Amsterdam and then he acted as the founding partner of Toros Securities Inc. At Toros Securities, he worked as the general manager for 10 years and acted as a board member for 15 years. He focused on the financial analysis of BIST companies. In 2005 he ended his partnership with Toros Securities and founded Saha Rating Inc. which is the first rating agency in Turkey. Currently he is the chair of Saha Rating.

Selim Sühan Seçkin holds the Credit Rating Specialists and Corporate Governance Rating Specialist Licence by Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Seçkin, born in 1959, is fluent in English and French.